Available Feldenkrais® Classes

Feldenkrais classes are being conducted virtually via Zoom during the COVID-19 pandemic. Click the button under any of the Feldenkrais classes listed below to either register or contact the practitioner for more info. Private Sessions can be virtual or in-person if the student is fully vaccinated and willing to wear a mask.

Feldenkrais Classes - student on table - aches and pains - child with special needs - vitality, mobility, and stability in aging - brain trauma

Private Feldenkrais Classes with Aliza

Contact Aliza to schedule a consultation and discuss how private sessions can improve your overall state of being. With individual attention you can address the poor habits that have negatively impacted your neuromuscular systems and led to your current issues. A private session is also designed to work with people who have very serious movement limitations and cannot join a group class.

Please visit https://calendly.com/alizastewart and select Functional Integration Lesson to book a time with Aliza.


Feldenkrais Classes taking place

Awareness Through Movement - Creative Self Care

There is always another option.
That is one of the most important actions the Feldenkrais Method taught me.The truth of this title reveals itself to me daily. Especially when times are hard and I find myself coming up with new ways to cope and improve, without deliberately setting out to do so.It happens spontaneously!
That is true for both body & mind and in practicing the Feldenkrais Method the two become a feedback loop and work together as one.
The brain learns to use the whole body efficiently, and while doing so,alleviate painin the particular place a person experiences it.
In this series we will look to understand the mechanisms Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais devised to create this dynamic.
This segment will include 6 weekly classes on Mondays at 10:00 am, starting May 16 and ending on June 27. We will skip Monday, May 30th, for Memorial Day. 
The fee is $150 USD (approx: 142 Euros, 192 Canadian dollar, 513 Shekels) for the whole series, paid in advance. Those who pay in advance for the whole series will get all 6 recordings as well. This means that even if you have to miss a class, you will still be able to do the lesson at home. If price is a barrier or you prefer to send a check instead of PayPal or credit/debit card, please send me an email to alizastewart@gmail.com.
Once you register, I will send you the Zoom link for the class.
Feldenkrais Classes - adults stretching - aches and pains - child with special needs - vitality, mobility, and stability in aging - brain trauma

Vitality, Mobility, and Stability for Healthy Adults age 65 and older

In the title for this class you find the three most important skills we would like to keep into our advancing years – Stability and mobility, which together add up to vitality. The movement lessons are gentle and easy to do, but keep the nervous system agile and alert. You will feel your muscle tone improve and your problem-solving ability as nimble as ever.

This series includes 7 classes. New sessions TBA.

The fee is $175 USD (approx: 155 Euros, 225 Canadian dollar, 543 Shekels) for the whole series, paid in advance. Those who pay in advance for the whole series will have access to all 7 recordings. This means that even if you have to miss a class, you will still be able to do the lesson at home. If price is a barrier, please send me an email at alizastewart@gmail.com

For Musicians

Feldenkrais For Musicians

Virtual Class

Why join my special class for musicians instead of the class for the general public?  Because the organizing principle in the life of a musician is sound. We know from dancing that sound informs the body and its movement, and, in turn, movement informs sound. We need to move our body to create sound. 

After years of experience as a musician myself and as a Feldenkrais Trainer working with musicians, it became clear to me that incompatibility between the sounds musicians want to produce, and the movements they do to do so, causes a lot of injuries. I learned how to teach musicians to connect these elements through the principles of the Feldenkrais Method. The musicians report to me that the lessons are transformational, fun to do and helpful in alleviating pain.
The class will run for 7 consecutive weeks. All participants will get the recording of each class, so no class will be missed. New sessions TBA.
The cost is $175 for the whole series. Please, email me directly at AlizaStewart@gmail.com if your financial situation is precarious and you need help.

Private Sessions

Contact Aliza to schedule a consultation and discuss your particular issues with playing your instrument or improving your voice.

The private sessions not only help with playing related injuries, but can also improve your overall state of being. The sessions will involve not only hands on treatment, but also working with your instrument.

Learn more about Feldenkrais For Musicians.

Please visit https://calendly.com/alizastewart and select Functional Integration Lesson to book a time with Aliza.

Feldnekrais Classes - Acrobatics and Dance

Acrobatics and Dance

For movement artists to achieve long and fruitful relationships with their craft requires an ongoing and ever-evolving relationship to motor learning. Whether your practice is professional or recreational, Feldenkrais offers a way to hone your movement learning process and access your full expressive potential while reducing pain and injury. With the aid of this method, you can find a way of practicing your discipline, whether that be aerial acrobatics or ballet, that best suits your unique body and nervous system- and that brings you joy!

Feldenkrais Classes - Hypermobility

Hyper-Mobility & Hyperextended Joints

Hypermobility, whether a result of diagnosed Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or manifesting separately, comes with a unique set of challenges for the musculoskeletal and nervous systems. With the increased risk of soft tissue injury even in everyday activities, building body awareness and movement skills is crucial. By working with gentle, low-risk movements, focussing on the “how” of movement rather than a goal-oriented end result, Feldenkrais can help us find more options for healthy, enjoyable movement while reducing underlying pain.

Queer Community Ally

Queer Community

For those of us who are of queer identity or experience, seeking care of any sort can be frought with anxiety. Will my gender identity be seen and respected? Is it ok for me to talk about my partner or relationships with a new provider? Will my body be treated as whole and valid? Am I at risk of violence? This can create tension with and disconnection from caring for our physical selves, on top of that which results from dysmorphia or previous trauma. Feldenkrais offered by a queer (trans enby) practitioner is a way to feel into physical self-care that is nonjudgmental, non-goal-oriented, and entirely self-directed. For trans siblings, increased positive connection to physical movement can alleviate some of the heavy psychological load that dysmorphia sets on us. For all queer community, this work will aid you in gaining greater awareness of your singular way of inhabiting the world.