Vitality, Mobilitiy, and Stability for baby boomers (55-75)

Vitality, mobility, and stability through the aging process are uniquely addressed through practice of The Feldenkrais Method®. Changing unhealthy habits back to more youthful ones will strengthen both body and mind.

You can feel vital and youthful again. You'll be lighter on your feet and able to do activities you thought you may never do again.

Feldenkrais Classes - adults stretching - aches and pains - child with special needs - vitality, mobility, and stability in aging - brain trauma

The Feldednkrais Method will help you, through a series of painless and gentle classes, reverse the decline of flexibility in your mind and body. You can regain youthful vitality, mobility, and stability, keeping your independence into old age!

Do you want to prevent and reverse the signs of aging way into old age?

Do you want to learn how to use your moving body to keep your brain sharp? Learn to replace harmful habits affecting aging and mobility with better ones?

Did you know that stability and mobility are created in brain structures and can be changed by using brain-plasticity?

The Feldenkrais method is unique in addressing aging, mobility issues, and more! Through a gentle and gradual group class called “Awareness Through Movement®” you will learn to feel how you create your habits, why they are not optimal, and how you can change them without hurting yourself. You will bring new joy into your life with a feeling of growth as you age, rather than decline.

One of the most important issues in old age is the slow loss of mobility. It curtails independence and with it, the joy of living and too often feelings of worthlessness. The more we improve our movement habits in middle age, the better chance we have to keep our independence and vitality into very old age.

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