Aches and Pains

You can alleviate or prevent aches and pains and improve your vitality and flexibility at the same time. Each person seeking relief has a unique set of problems and potentials. The Feldenkrais® practitioner adapts the method to your unique situation.

Aches and Pains - shoulder

Aches and pains can be alleviated and prevented.

The Feldenkrais Method for Aches and Pains
The Feldenkrais Method - man on the floor for Aches and Pains

The Feldenkrais Method® adapts each treatment and movement lesson to your unique needs. It uses your brain’s capacity to learn new ways to move and replace old habits that are not useful, and probably caused the aches and pains in the first place.

In private sessions or in group classes, you will become aware of how your current habits create the difficulties in performing everyday movements. The lessons learned in class are fun to do and can be repeated at home daily or when needed.

Whether you’re recovering from pain or looking to prevent it, the benefits from consistently creating new neural paths related to movement is important to the continued health and activity of your brain. You will increase your flexibility and your vitality, not only in your body, but also in your mind.

In the first 2 years of life, before we obtain language, a huge amount of development happens by learning to move in the field of gravity. Multiple connections are created in the brain. No one teaches us to do this! The brain uses sensory experience, and through trial and error integrates it into intentional movements. Dr. Feldenkrais called this natural process Organic Learning.

When the Organic Learning process can be evoked again in adulthood, the discoveries of new abilities and the re-learning of lost ones, are exhilarating and empowering. Again and again I’ve witnessed people suffering from aches and pains have their vitality restored through the Feldenkrais practice.

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