Child with Special Needs

Your child with special needs will benefit from the gentle, playful, but precise touch used in a Feldenkrais® session. The children do not feel handled or coerced and mostly enjoy the sessions.

Happy Toddler

For your child with special needs, the Feldenkrais Method is a natural fit.

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Child Exercises

Your child with special needs is equiped differently than other children. The Feldenkrais Method® can help them learn to move and grow through informed touch and play.

In private sessions and classes for parents, I create new conditions that substitute erratic and spastic movements with consistent ones. The child’s brain has a chance to integrate the new information into an intentional action. Using specific techniques, I also draw their attention to places in their body that are left out of the picture in the brain.

Parents and other caregivers are my collaborators. I listen to their observations about their child and teach them to do some of what I do with their child at home.

I have worked with children with CP, stroke, Down syndrome, Developmental delays and Dystonia, amongst others. They are my favorite clients!

Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais was interested in, and researched how babies learn to move with no instructions. He understood the stages in the developmental process and the particular order of the steps. Every stage is built on what was learned in the last one and he had the tools to teach the child’s brain – through touch and movement – how to overcome one limit and move to the next stage.

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